About Me

Over 50 Style

I'm over 50 and wearing what I love. Age is not a determining factor.

My Style

Budget-friendly, always comfortable. I'm almost always casually dressed although I love a dress up opportunity! I was an early fashionista and stylist.  I started working in a retail clothing store when I was 16. I worked with this company for 5 years, eventually transferring to Miami and becoming a store manager when I was 19.  In high school, I picked out my younger sisters clothes for school.  I think she came to really like it!  My passion for fashion started young. I still remember what I wore on my first day of school! 

My Inspiration

Style is individual. I follow the fashion trends and then look for ways to incorporate the styles that I love. I don't wear every trend and I don't even try to.  Find the styles that work for your body and speak to you.  My hope is to inspire you and let's have fun along the way!